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Official Post-Patch Bug Report Thread

Verfasst: 17.07.2007, 15:27
von Friedel
This thread has been started to try and compile as much useful information as we can about bugs, in a manner that Eden can best make use of.

Please read the format instructions very carefully - posts not including this information will be deleted to keep this thread clean.

* One-line description of the bug:
* Frequency (consistently, frequently, occasionally, once thus far):
* (For online issues) Date and time (GMT) of the issue:
* Game version (retail DVD, digital download) + Country:
* Detailed description of the bug - include steps needed to reproduce the bug and any known workarounds:
* dxdiag report*:
* Other relevant computer information (eg if it's a connection issue, include modem/router and setup information. If it's sound include sound setup- 5.1 etc.):
* Any other info:


Hab da direkt gepostet, sollte jeder, der noch immer(oder erst jetzt!) Probs hat, machen.

Verfasst: 18.07.2007, 17:50
von Friedel
Im deutschen Forum gibts jetzt auch sowas -> LINK

...und noch'n Thread...

Verfasst: 18.09.2007, 00:58
von Friedel
Ist recht neu, evtl tut sich bei TDU ja noch was?


Re: ...und noch'n Thread...

Verfasst: 19.09.2007, 12:00
von Friedel
Friedel hat geschrieben:Ist recht neu, evtl tut sich bei TDU ja noch was?


STATEMENT zum obigen Post. :)